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Cheap Trick

I Surrender.
M.F.K. has been telling me it is okay all along and somehow I feel a little bit dirty when I do it.
It still feels like cheating when I serve delicious store-bought food even though M.F.K. contends that good cooks know when to buy and when to prepare from scratch.
Enough self-flogging. All I did was re-create a yummy lunch from The Office in Cabo San Lucas. The Office is beach front property with excellent margaritas and an uber cool name that doubles as an alibi. As in, “Sorry. I’d love to help you paint your house today, but I have a meeting at the office.”
It was at one of my meetings this April when I discovered the chicken and rice soup. What impressed me the most was the side dish of chopped red onion, minced cilantro, cubed avocado, jalapeno and lime. When I mixed in the spice and crunch and tang of the condiments, the simple broth exploded with flavor.
With little time to pull together an impromptu lunch yesterday, it was this fusion of fun I was looking to dish out for my pals. I purchased Mexican chicken soup from a local gourmet market. I prepared all the little lovelies and placed them on individual dishes.
Mind you I never try to pass any of this off as my own, au contraire, I credit M.F.K. each and every time.
No one seemed to care. All’s fair in love and food.
But I still feel like I am cheating.

“The Art of Eating” by M.F.K. Fisher

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