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Germy And Germies

I have called my grandmother Germy for as long as I can remember. She never learned to drive and she only learned to cook because she had to. Chicken was her meat of choice, both for economy and because my grandfather was diabetic. Germy wasn’t fussy about too many things in the kitchen, but she always rinsed the chicken pieces meticulously and patted them dry with a paper towel. I’ve been doing it the same way for years. I can’t imagine not doing it. Until recently.
A few weeks ago I saw a chef on the Food Network open a package of chicken and throw it straight into the pan.
What would Germy think?
My grandmother died twenty years ago, so short of the Ouija board I couldn’t ask her, but I did go to the USDA’s website and they clearly state, “It is not necessary to wash raw chicken. Any bacteria which might be present are destroyed by cooking.”
Chef James from adds, “rinsing chicken may spread any salmonella that is present and potentially cross contaminate your kitchen.”
TMI. After one attempt to roast an unrinsed chicken, I concluded that I must be an old dog, because I am unable to learn a new trick.
Germy, I hope you are proud, because I still have the cleanest chicken on the block.

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