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What Does Your Car Tire And Champagne Have In Common?

There is more pressure in a bottle of champagne then there is in your car tire. The average car tire has around thrity two PSI and the average bottle of champagne has more than fifty PSI!
Seriously folks, the cork in your sparkler can fire with the same velocity as a bullet from a gun. When opening a bottle of bubbles, it’s no time for target practice.
Always start with a well chilled bottle. With your hand covering the cork, be sure it is pointed away from your pals before untwisting the wire cage.
Did you know that there is always six and a half turns on the wire cage, whether you are drinking champagne, or proseco or California sparkling?
That’s because there is one manufacturer of these cages in the entire world. Take that to your next cocktail party!
With the cork in your strongest hand, turn the bottle not the cork. To serve, put your hand in the kick, that’s the inverted dome on the bottom of the bottle, and pour from above. Do not tip the glass like you do for a beer.
I do love my fun facts, but that’s not the reason for this post. I had the honor to attend Iron Horse’s thirtieth anniversary on Sunday. That’s me with proprietors Barry and Audrey Sterling in the photo. Not only are they titans of the industry, they are warm and gracious hosts. They have helped change how Americans think of sparkling wine:
It’s not just for special occasions. It’s for all occasions.

If you’re looking for everyday cocktail recipes that feature champagne and sparkling wine, be sure to check out Monica Hunt’s The Bubbly Bar or visit her website

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