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Top Chefs And Really Goode Eats!

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a dinky Manhattan apartment or a sprawling estate. The kitchen can be a campfire, a radiator at a tailgate party, a hot plate in a dorm or in last night’s case – the backyard.
Not just anyone’s backyard either. Hardy Wallace, Murphy-Goode’s Blogger-In-Chief and Lifestyle Correspondent, hosted the fete to honor Top Chefs Kevin Gillespie and Eli Kirshtein. The outdoor kitchen was an eight foot table, a grill, and a portable deep fryer. The food that came out was as spectacular as any professional kitchen: Sweet potato fries, collard greens, corn bread and Kobe beef tri tip.
Also remarkable was how much Kevin and Eli gravitated there.
With the Kendall-Jackson culinary team at the helm, these two guests could have easily slipped a beer into a cozy and planted themselves on a lawn chair. After a grueling season in Las Vegas shooting Top Chef
(as of this post, six cheftestants remain and the outcome is unknown) they had every right to sit this one out, but au contraire, they were on the line manning the grill and firing the fryer.
A two-star Michelin chef recently commented to me, “When it comes to restaurants, people in the front of the house tend to come and go, but if you’re working in the back of the house, you have to have passion.”
Kevin and Eli are oozing it.
And lucky me, this evening they are preparing a multi-course meal for a few of us mere mortals.

Stay tuned…

To see how Hardy won The Really Goode Job:

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