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1 + 3 + 1 + 2 = 7 Michelin Stars in Three Days

You’ve probably heard of a spoiler alert.
How about a bragger’s alert?
Honestly, this is not the way it usually goes down in MarcyTown,
but thanks to the generosity of my pal Nancy, I ate seven Michelin stars in three days.
It all began last Tuesday in New York. Nancy had strategic appointments to taste her Lasseter Family Wines at some of the city’s top restaurants.
Market research, right?
And who better to trust than the famed Michelin Guide?
If you’re not familiar with the strict guidelines that Michelin uses to rate restaurants, here’s a brief primer from their website:
“Michelin has been in the business of evaluating and recommending restaurants and hotels for over a century. We employ full-time professional inspectors who anonymously visit restaurants and hotels, and evaluate them on a range of criteria. Our evaluation process has been honed over time to identify consistently high-quality establishments to suit a range of budgets and across a range of styles and cuisines.If our inspectors are impressed by a restaurant or hotel, they visit the establishment again. And again. It is this sort of obsessive research that makes the MICHELIN Guide such a reliable source of recommendations.”
Tuesday we had lunch at Eleven Madison Park. One Michelin star.

Tuesday evening we had dinner at Daniel. Three Michelin stars.
Wednesday we were at Gramercy Tavern for lunch. One Michelin star.
Thursday we dined at Gordon Ramsay for dinner. Two Michelin stars.
1 + 3 + 1 + 2 = 7
There were many highlights:
The slow poached organic egg with Parmigiano Regiano and mushrooms at Eleven Madison Park.

At Daniel (absolutely no cell phones allowed thus no photos) we feasted on chestnut, celery and apple soup and pappardelle with white truffles.
At Gramercy Tavern I was lovin’ the lamb sausage with chick peas and harissa.
The award for most unusual pairing goes to Chef Markus Glocker at Gordon Ramsay for his smoked filet of Kingfish with baby artichokes, fennel confit, caviar and cotton candy.

Seven Michelin stars in three days is my Personal Record.
I’m competitive by nature, but that’s a PR I may never beat.

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