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Vegetable Has Become A Four Letter Word

I was aghast when I watched the Chef Boyardee ravioli commercial the other night.
The TV mother is thrilled that the product contains an entire serving of vegetables, yet she withholds that information from her kid. She is so determined to keep the vegetables a secret that she bangs on pots and pans so that her husband won’t let the cat out of the bag, er, can.
What’s the point of feeding your kids healthy and nutritious food if you hide it from them?
Isn’t mom worried about the 900 grams of sodium or the sugarized tomato sauce? On second thought, probably not, because the pasta sauce closely resembles McDonald’s ketchup which contains sugar, too.
I confess that when my kids were little, I called salmon “orange steak” to get them to eat it, but fish is real food.
And this is not just a food issue.
This is a morality issue.
How can we raise a nation of healthy children when we don’t tell them the truth about what they are eating?
I am rankled.
I think I need a yoga class.

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    January 22, 2010 at 12:07 am

    Seriously and people wonder why people eat in such unhealthy ways. Um, because they don't know better? Because they're raised on fortified this and "heart-healthy" that and don't know how to compose a healthy, delicious meal out of unprocessed foods? Maybe I need yoga too 😉

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