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My Lovely Bones

Last night I bought a rotisserie chicken at my local market for tacos and I meticulously removed all the meat.
I opened the trash to throw away the bones and I froze. I just couldn’t go through with it.
Even though I was exhausted, my conscience was calling. The stock that was waiting to be created couldn’t be destroyed.
My chef pal Taki is to blame, rather, to receive the credit for my carcass-saving heroics.
It was during a break recording Food Guy and Marcy at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center that I wandered into the kitchen and saw Taki prepping bouillabaisse. Next to his seafood, he had neat piles of shrimp shells, empty crab knuckles and lobster exoskeletons. He explained that even if he didn’t have the time to make stock right away, he always freezes shells and bones. To do anything differently would be a culinary sin.
And stupid.
So now one shelf in my freezer is lovingly dubbed “The Graveyard” and my stock is simmering away.


Which brings me to a debate.
Is there a difference between broth and stock?
It’s my understanding that stock is made with bones and broth is made with meat.
They can be quite interchangeable, but stock is a better base for sauces.
Thank goodness for my lovely bones.

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