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Snacks: Adventures in Food, Aisle by Aisle

Guy Fieri, Mollie Katzen and me outside our KJ recording studio.

Soon after this photo was taken at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center, The Food Guy and Marcy Show went off the air. While I was sad to see our weekend program end, it led to my first book.

(Never fails: One door closes, another opens.)

The backstory begins while I was reminiscing about the show with frequent guest and Kitchen Cabinet Member Mollie Katzen. She commented that she had listened to the radio feature SNACKS on my website. When she suggested I should turn them into a book I was taken aback. I wasn’t a writer. Mollie was a writer – and a James Beard award wining one at that. When she offered to introduce me to her literary representative I was flabbergasted, but heeding the depression-era advice of my dear pal William T. Young, I took the cookies when they were passed. That was nearly four years ago. An agent named Steve, three proposals, a dozen submissions, and a big YES from Nancy Hancock at HarperOne, SNACKS:Adventures in Food, Aisle by Aisle will be released on May 7.

SNACKS is more than cooking and culinary advice, it’s a storybook with recipes.

The recipes pair with the anecdotes – that way you can share an hors d’oeurve featuring endive and settle the argument about how to correctly pronounce it, too.

Since I prefer food shopping to any other shopping, clothes and shoes included, I set the book in a supermarket. You never know what tidbit or tasty treat you’ll find in each aisle.

Check it out here

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